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Applied robotics is not the means to an end, but the beginning of an opportunity to grow business and people. Introducing robots to your staff is easier than ever before, whether you're needing industrial solutions or side by side collaboration. We have a solution that brings the best return for your business.

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When automating, leave the heavy lifting to us (and the robots)!With over a decade of creative solutions & hundreds of projects. Integration is pivotal to the success of any automation project! Not just how, but with whom. It helps when employees are excited about robotic solutions! We are here to guide the integration process from day one and beyond.


Furthering your integration process is our capability to design specialty End of Arm Tools(EOAT) to adapt to any of your current projects' needs and future expansion of the automating process for your company. Tooling allows your robot to adapt to almost any material handling needs that are required!



Our journey in automating started out of necessity! We were unable to keep up with demand and we had maxed out our potential with what current industry standards had to offer; expansion was not a reasonable option at the time. Also, our manufacturing process was labor-intensive and repetitive, which led to employee turnover. We needed a solution! 

At that time Intrepid Industries had been in manufacturing operations for over 30 years, our specialized plastic and products led us to an opportunity we never knew we needed. So we started our automating process in 2008 and never looked back.

Thanks to robotics we’ve been able to quadruple our revenue, triple our production, and double our employee family. We are a small business, and we believe success is achievable for any business willing to explore new opportunities! That’s why we’ve been sharing our success with our friends in manufacturing. We are here to guide your business on a journey to success!



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